Lab acknowledgment

All manuscripts which have used FORCE equipment/staff time must include the following acknowledgment:

“We acknowledge the use of facilities within the Eyring Materials Center at Arizona State University supported in part by NNCI-ECCS-2025490 and the Facility for Open Research in a Compressed Environment (FORCE) at ASU supported by the National Science Foundation under Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-1 grant 2131833.”

Record your FORCE publication

Use this form to record all publications (e.g., journal articles, white papers, conference abstracts) that included data produced in the FORCE lab (the current High-Pressure Facility in PSF or in the new ISTB2 press hall).

Please also include any conference abstract that perhaps did not include FORCE-produced science, but whose purpose was primarily to discuss FORCE. You can state this purpose in “short description”.

Order supplies

To order cell assembly parts or anvils, please visit the High Pressure Facility iLab page.

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