Exterior of ASU buildings with overlay of crystal minerals.

Facility for Open Research in a Compressed Environment

Our mission

The mission of the Facility for Open Research in a Compressed Environment (FORCE) is to provide unique facilities for high-pressure research in the United States, while cultivating a community of users and promoting collaboration across disciplines.

FORCE research

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Materials of the Universe

The Navrotsky Eyring Center for Materials of the Universe leads ASU’s research on new materials, extreme conditions and the evolution of planets. Much of the center’s work relies on the equipment at FORCE.

This new national center will bring scientists from around the world to ASU to work with our faculty in aspects of materials science that are as yet entirely unexplored.

Professor Neal Woodbury Vice President of Research and Chief Science and Technology Officer of ASU Knowledge Enterprise

FORCE was funded by the National Science Foundation to establish a national high-pressure user facility at Arizona State University.

Grant #2131833. Learn more about this grant.